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Production and Workshops

Mold Room

There are about 3500 sets of molds for production.

stainless steel casting / stainless steel mold room

Wax Workshops

There are 9 sets of imported cylinder-free wax machine and two automatic electric steam dewaxing kettle, making wax processing and wax mold to achieve semi-automatic, to ensure the quality of wax mold.

stainless steel casting / stainless steel waxing workshop

Shelling Workshop

Using six automatic hanging conveyor line for the shell of the dry, the production efficiency has been improved, and it can undertake large quantities of orders; also equipped with constant temperature and humidity equipment, it can automatically control the dry temperature and humidity.

stainless steel casting / stainless steel shelling workshop

Smelting Workshop

With the use of the domestic industry to use a small number of rotary roaster, it can increase the roasting time to improve the shell strength, increase permeability, reduce casting defects, and three induction furnace, each furnace can be poured 150kg.

stainless steel casting / stainless steel smelting workshop

Heat Treatment

We have four pit furnaces and two box furnaces. They can be achieved in the factory a variety of heat treatment products, including normalizing, tempering, annealing, quenching, solidification and quenching and tempering to ensure that the mechanical performance requirements of the product.

stainless steel casting / stainless steel heat treatment workshop

Machining Workshop

We invested in a number of processing centers and CNC lathes, production capacity expanded by 3 times, greatly improving the high-end products, precision machining capacity. In 2014 the construction of the West plant completed, machining workshop was relocated, covering 3306 square meters.

The existing processing center 11, of which there are four LGMAZAK;
CNC lathe 27, of which there are six LGMAZAK;
CNC drilling machine 2; also equipped with a Taiwan ultrasonic cleaning machine;

CNC machine maximum processing diameter Φ480mm, the maximum processing length of 800mm, the largest machining center processing X / Y / Z for the 1050/530 / 510mm, equipped with three high-pressure spindle through the cooling system, can achieve deep hole drilling, boring.

stainless steel casting / stainless steel machining plant