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Stainless Steel Valve Body Castings

The body of a valve contains other critical components since it has to withstand the pressure from the piping application and system. Valve body can be produced out of cast steel or forged steel in various shapes, and materials.

Materials can be low temperature carbon steel, high temperature carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. For specific components and applications that requires stronger corrosion resistance, materials can be duplex and super duplex steels.

Stainless Steel Investment casting is an excellent casting process for producing stainless steel pump bodies and stainless steel valve bodies. The casting process produces near-net-shape pump and valve castings, which only requires minimal secondary machining and finishing.

We cast stainless steel valve bodies in various stainless steel alloy grades including SS 300 series, SS 400 series, duplex stainless steel and super duplex stainless steel etc. We pour and deliver stainless steel valve body castings for a variety of industries.

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